What To Do When You Aren’t Inspired

Some days I sit down to write a blog entry, and I feel like I could write for hours. Other days, it takes everything out of me to produce one paragraph. It is strange how I can be in my groove today, and be in a funk tomorrow.

Why do you feel tired after (or before) a certain task?

If you feel stuck and uninspired, perform a “gut check” of these three potential causes:

1) You are fighting your own natural strengths. You instinctively push off or procrastinate on those things that cause you to work against your grain. It is your mind’s own warning system – trying to alert you of impending danger. Unfortunately, we do not always listen, and even after procrastinating, we finally try to take on that project that pulls us “off our game.” The more attune you become to your internal warning system, the more inspired and motivated you will feel.

2) You’ve expended all of your conative energy. Your conative, or instinctual, energy is limited. Like a rechargeable battery, your striving power runs out, and you must take the time to rest and recharge. Even if it’s within your forte, you cannot perform a task infinitely. Give yourself permission to take a break, and come back later.

3) You lack motivation. It doesn’t matter how smart or naturally talented you are – if you are not motivated to perform the task, it will not happen…or at least not in a way that represents your best work. Motivation is an affective issue (a matter of your feelings, emotions, preferences, values), rather than an instinctual one. So if you are unmotivated, ask yourself the following questions to identify the root of the problem. Renewed inspiration will most likely require a change of attitude.

“Do I like this work?”

“Would I prefer something else?”

“Is there a conflict of values or mission?”

“Do I believe in this work?

No matter what the cause, a funk drives productivity down. Don’t simply muddle through. Identify the source of your creativity block and commit to a solution.

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