The Solution to Your People Problems

Which is better? A hammer or a pick-up truck?

It depends if you want to haul wood or drive nails. You can haul wood with a hammer. You can drive nails with a pick up. But, why would you??

A lot of poor performing teams already have the right tools…but those tools are misused and energy is put in the wrong places.

Faced with a tough economy, or simply the day-to-day craziness, many business owners and managers feel they must “make do” with the team that is currently in place.

“Even if Carrie is bad at filing, at least she’s done it for years and knows the system.” 

“Yes, Eric consistently avoids the phone work, but if I continue to bring it up in our performance reviews, he eventually does it.”

Are you trying to run a business at optimum levels of performance with an “OK” or “acceptable” team? Are you crippling yourself, your team, and your results by misplacing effort?

Remedying this situation does not always mean wiping out your current team and starting over. In fact, most business owners and managers have a gold mine of talents in their existing team; the problem is that those talents are often being underutilized or misused.

A simple rearranging of tasks according to employees’ talents is often one way of turning an OK team into a wildly successful team. (Think of Jim Collins’ counsel regarding seating arrangements on the bus.)

Now ask yourself honestly: How many nails am I trying to drive with a pick-up truck?

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